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Foundation for Advancement of Independent Research and Learning for International Peace and Security   (FAIRLIPS)

As the name indicates, Foundation for Advancement of Independent Research and Learning for International Peace and Security (FAIRLIPS) aims to promote independent research and learning, both indispensible for securing international peace and security.

Independent Research and Learning is the key to international peace and security. The war and conflicts mostly stem out of misunderstandings and miscalculations rooted themselves in illiteracy, ignorance, misinformation and disinformation etc. Access to a fair, objective and impartial knowledge can help ameliorate the problem. FAIRLIPS endeavors to accomplish this noble task. FAIRLIPS strives to illuminate the world with fair and independent knowledge based on objective and impartial research and through disseminating learning and wisdom with the cherished end to bring an end to ignorance, biasness and darkness and ultimately the conflict, violence and war from the planet.

The foundation (FAIRLIPS) takes a very comprehensive and all inclusive view of the concepts of peace and security. Peace just not entails the absence of war but it also involves the nonexistence of all forms of psychological and structural violence as well as the elimination of the causes that lead to such conditions. Equally, the foundation takes a broader perspective of security that covers all forms of conventional and / or nonconventional interpretation of the term encompassing atmospheric or environmental, cultural, social, economic, and political contexts.


The contemporary world is faced with wide-ranged and multi-dimensional security challenges that necessitate academicians and researchers to focus on these issues and find expeditious and efficient means to adequately address them. FAIRLIPS aims to fulfill this duty-bound responsibility. It will work with following principles and objectives:


FAIRLIPS will organize its activities with following principles:

  1. Respect for humanity, religious beliefs of all communities and the local laws
  2. Adherence to objectivity, impartiality, and neutrality
  3. Access to truth and its transmission


FAIRLIPS endeavors to function with the following aims and objectives:

  1. To serve as an independent, impartial and reputed forum to create, promote and disseminate knowledge
  2. To develop a young, energetic and talented team of researchers, writers and scholars possessing expertise on matters and issues related to international peace and security of diverse nature
  3. To inculcate practice of learning, writing and research among youth particularly undergraduate students of universities and colleges
  4. To inspire young scholars and researchers particularly M.S. and PhD students and junior faculty members to undertake and publish research
  5. To conduct in-depth studies on numerous national, regional and global peace and security related problems and prepare research reports
  6. To organize workshops, training sessions, lectures, roundtables, seminars, and conferences etc.
  7. To publish research reports, concept papers and an online research magazine
  8. To publish a peer review multidisciplinary social sciences Research Journal covering mainly but not exclusively political and security related issues
  9. To promote learning and scholarship of diverse nature in numerous fields
  10. To build linkages, establish collaboration and extend cooperation with organizations, institutions and bodies with similar aims and objectives
  11. To publicize peace, love, harmony, tranquility and concord at national, regional and global level

Contact:       We can be contacted through email at:   fairlips@gmail.com


    For Advancement of

     Independent Research & Learning

    For International Peace and Security